Ontario Supports French-Language Education

Ontario’s government is protecting what topics most by way of making an investment in new nearby faculties to assist provide wholesome, secure and available getting to know environments for college students. The province will invest $19.41 million in several projects and tasks to support students, parents, and teachers in French-language faculties. This funding is part […]

Learn Two New Languages with This Award-Winning Instruction

It’s been verified time and time once more that mastering a new language is one of the best matters you could do a good way to preserve your mind lively and wholesome—not to say the greater obvious fact that it makes traveling on your favored overseas destinations ways greater enjoyable. But some distance too many […]

Areas with effective climate tend to have extra languages: Study

A place’s weather has an extra impact than panorama on what number of languages are spoken there, in line with a examine that mapped language diversity around the sector. The research, posted in the magazine Nature Communications, located that areas with extra productive climates have a tendency to have extra languages. “We have been able […]

5 ways to champion prone languages

Indigenous languages tend to be spoken by politically marginalized agencies whose countries had been traditionally colonized and their languages sidelined in favor of the colonizers’. There are over 7,000 known residing languages; about one-third of them are in Africa. Most African kids grow up in multilingual environments and are regularly acquainted with multiple languages earlier […]

Bring again the pleasure of gaining knowledge of languages

Languages teachers have regarded for a long time that GCSE and A-degree tests have been difficult to more difficult marking standards than other topics. They’ve also recognized that scholars locate languages extra difficult than maximum other subjects they study. So your report gained’t come as a wonder to them (Tough tests ‘are killing off language […]

UN, EU commend Turkey’s efforts on vocational, language education for Syrians

A U.N. Consultant has lauded Turkey’s huge paintings for Syrian refugees to answer their various desires, inclusive of schooling and language schooling, and integrate them into society. A rite in Ankara Monday marked the launching of a task that could help Syrian refugees access Turkish language and vocational training. The mission is funded with the […]

Student mentors assist pupils say ‘si’ to GCSE languages

It is a query arguably extra fiendish than getting to know the French subjunctive or the hundreds of characters in Mandarin. How can colleges halt – and even reverse – the rapid decline of languages at GCSE and past? Now a pilot project may additionally have observed the answer. A record published these days unearths […]

Languages: Drop in wide variety of scholars taking French

There has been a fall of greater than 40% in the number of students in Northern Ireland taking GCSE French over the past decade. That is in line with a look at of contemporary language learning in schools accomplished via the British Council. Many teachers said languages have been frequently perceived as too tough through […]

Most Arizonans Support Dual-Language Education

A recent voter poll, commissioned by way of UnidosUS (previously National Council of La Raza) and Helios Education Foundation, suggests that the majority of Arizonans aid dual-language schooling for kids and almost 60% of respondents approve of a measure that would permit undocumented students to acquire in-kingdom tuition rates. Education is the new subject matter […]

Ofqual is killing off contemporary foreign language schooling

The training secretary is proper that exams are “inherently disturbing” – but for students taking a current overseas language (MFL), the pressure is disproportionate. They will sit excessively hard tests and accept that their grade might also well come to be decrease than their performance merits. In a recent BBC survey, 76% of English schools […]