Advisor stresses on improving quality of college training

SRINAGAR, May 7: Advisor to the Governor, Khurshid Ahmed Ganai, held an interactive assembly with a set of College Principals of Kashmir Division, right here these days.

Advisor stresses on improving quality of college training 1

Secretary Higher Education, Talat Parvez Rohella, and Director Colleges, Prof. Yasin Khan, were also present. In his interplay, Ganai, an Advisor in charge Education Department, emphasized improving the first-class of coaching and learning effects to make the scholars nationally and internationally competitive. He was also burdened with improving the first-rate coaching of Science and Mathematics. He directed that the college development of the Higher Education Department must take cognizance typically on building capacities of the teachers throughout all topics, especially Science and Maths.
He additionally emphasized implementing punctuality both amongst college students and the workforce. He additionally laid strain on greater-curricular sports in colleges, a book of university magazines, and involvement of the alumni and the retired Faculty individuals in university sports and visitor lectures.

Secretary Higher Education knowledgeable the Advisor that many programs linked to e-learning are in the offing. He is in consultation with the University of Kashmir and the College Principals for beginning several steps within the direction of regaining knowledge. He additionally informed that the branch would quickly start a student change program to offer appropriate publicity to the students in the colleges on the countrywide level.

The Advisor inspired the Secretary of Higher Education to take vital steps for starting the newly-sanctioned colleges and making DPRs for the production of those colleges’ homes.
The Principals assured the Advisor that they’d find paintings tough within the hobby of the pupil network so that the scholars are capable of competing at all stages, each nationally and globally. These are cold hard facts when one is considering higher education in this day and age. Depending on where you live in the United States, the cost of a college education can be affordable, or it can be costly for the middle class. If you are poor, you will get more help from the government provided you have done well academically, and you can demonstrate a lot of need. The middle class is constantly being strangled financially in this economic environment.

Can the middle class and poor students get a college education to better their situation in this country? Conquering the cost of college education The answer is emphatical, yes. No matter how expensive the cost of education gets, it is worth the investment in the long run for many reasons that I don’t have to explain. As the cost of a college education becomes more expensive, parents and students need to look closely at their home state colleges and universities. If your state system is getting out of control with its price tag, you need to look at states with great public education at a reasonable cost.

These great public institutions with great price tags seem to be located in the southern part of the US, mid-Atlantic states, and the midwest. Most American students attend public colleges and public universities. I am asking you to approach your college search process with an open mind without geographical restriction—an affordable education maybe two states away or clear across the country. You will have to do your research to find these institutions, and they tend to be in areas with a lower cost of living.

Is there any relief in sight for this population that is being strangled by the high cost of college education along with the high-cost living? Conquering the cost of college education
The answer is No. With each generation, the cost of education is naturally becoming more expensive because that is the way it is. As the cost of living rises, so will the cost of education. In the early 1970s, the cost of education at a public state college was approximately $3,000 a year for everything, and by the early 1990’s it was around $8,000 a year for everything (in MA). The cost of education rose in proximity to the cost of living in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, but currently, for the most part, it is outpacing the cost of living.

Advisor stresses on improving quality of college training 3
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