As Almost 50% Seats Reduce, Is India Ready To Let Go Of Its Obsession With Engineering?

Engineering has usually been a popular diploma inside the Indian schooling context. But, instances seem to be changing now. In the latest assertion, the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) discovered that the variety of engineering seats throughout the country could see a fall of about 1.64 lakh. This discount in the range of seats is the effect of a number of movements taken by using the Council as a reaction to the scholars’ affinity in the direction of engineering. The major step that turned into taken by means of the AICTE, which resulted in the discount of around 1.21 lakh seats stems from the poor demand for mechanical and civil streams, branches that have been as soon as taken into consideration ‘evergreen.’
A report via Hindustan Times revealed that while a complete of 15.87 lakh seats, under both undergraduate and put up-graduate guides, were to be had in 2018-19, this wide variety has fallen to around 14.Sixty six lakh in 2019-20. Although in contrast to this, the AICTE has also approved round fifty-four,000 extra seats across diploma, UG and PG institute this 12 months, yet these seats, maximum schools declare, fall below the circulation of information technology.
Additionally, as stated through the New Indian Express, round 83 colleges have requested closure, which has contributed to the autumn of some other 20,539 seats. Moreover, a lack of 14,423 has resulted from the withdrawal of approvals and some other 8,000 has been misplaced because of a loss of request of approval of seats via around 207 schools.
According to the AICTE chairman, Anil D Sahasrabudhe, the council had taken these choices on the premise of three parameters. The colleges that saw a reduction of their seats had either requested for the stated reduction or closure, or couldn’t gain a 30% admission ratio, or had been being penalized for not preserving first-class requirements, that covered terrible infrastructure and unsatisfactory technical facilities. These steps had been taken to make sure the upkeep of right quality requirements in engineering faculties at some stage in the country, the AICTE claimed.
This collection of steps taken via the AICTE paints a clear image of the scenario that our training machine is reworking into. With the saturation of jobs in the non-IT sectors drawing close rapid, the range of engineering seats has reduced from around 19 lakh in 2014-15 to round 14.Sixty-six lakh this year. A comparable sentiment is echoed across college students in the engineering faculties themselves. For instance, in my very own university itself, the need for students to get jobs in the IT sector has been gaining huge popularity. This stems from the reality that the roles in this zone offer with a higher form of economic as well as social safety.

Furthermore, this reduction inside the seats additionally shows that an enormous amount of college students also are planning to go towards greater unconventional streams of better training. For instance, the degree in Pharmacy noticed a boom from 67,179 seats in 2018-19 to round 1,05,089 in 2019-20. Additionally, quite a few college students additionally decided to observe Humanities courses, which, within the cutting-edge social context of the USA, does now not look like a completely horrific concept. If one attempts to use the fundamental economics of demand and supply, it isn’t too hard to peer that this upsurge within the demand for seats in those streams will also result in putting in of better colleges by using each the public and the private region, something that the engineering increase within the Nineties had depicted very accurately.
An extra numerous education gadget truly offers for the better boom of u. S .’s social strata. With the popularity and de-stigmatization of unconventional ranges and guides across us of a government could also be recommended to paintings for increasing higher-paying jobs in those fields. In end, this step with the aid of the AICTE, and what will comply with this reduction in the call for, is clear evidence of a comments mechanism at work. A mechanism that is depicting the converting wind in our schooling device and the populace’s lowering affinity towards one of the conventionally favorite options: the technical region.

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