I Make $1,000 a Week Writing Essays for Lazy Students

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I turned into operating as a supervisor at multiple eating places in Columbus, Ohio after I saw a Craigslist ad for an internet site in which human beings post any number of tasks—papers, admissions essays—and others bid on them.
The complete thing seemed sketchy at the beginning. Literally up until the time I were given my first paycheck, I became skeptical I could get my money. I’m amazed these kids are willing to provide away their PayPal facts and pay in full earlier than we begin doing paintings. They’re just kind of trusting that a few random strangers on the internet are sincerely gonna do the job. Not to be rude, but the people who use this carrier are not the maximum smart humans, to begin with.
People requested me if I was involved approximately the legality. But it’s now not necessarily unlawful, just morally dubious.
The first assignment I ever did become writing poetry for some woman. This wasn’t especially hard—she had me write a poem approximately her cat. A furball, a tomcat, a pal/perched on my bed on the stop, and so forth. How you can not just do 20 lines of that your self is past me, but something.
‘People could as a substitute pay a person $a hundred than write more than one pages approximately themselves.’
I’ve accomplished a few university admissions essays, too, and also you essentially need to make something up. I’ve had students who will commission an essay for Harvard, and I can inform just from speaking to them that they are not going to get into a faculty like Harvard. I type of realizing what they may be looking for. I’ll just write approximately human beings occurring project journeys or things like that just to form of display some sort of geo-cultural awareness. It’s not like you’re writing a paper for a category wherein the man or woman’s gonna see it and pick out someone as the individual that wrote it. You write a high-quality admissions essay, a person reads it, and that character is probably never gonna accomplice it to a face. I’ve done from 30 or 40 of these at $50 or $60 a pop and that the most effective take me a 1/2-hour every. They don’t require studies or citations, so you can simply form of the crank the ones out advert nauseam. One turned into for a purchaser who had me write something about their family taking in a foreign exchange student from Brazil.
Others I’ve accomplished were non-public essays, like, “Write approximately a time to your existence that you’ve confronted demanding situations.” And I’m usually amazed by way of the fact that humans could alternatively pay a person $100 then write a couple of pages about themselves. It’s no longer often I get to write down about things I’m virtually inquisitive about, but once I noticed a post pertaining to William Gibson’s Neuromancer—a non-public preferred of mine—and I couldn’t bypass up the opportunity to place a bid in even though it had to be six pages.
It varies who hits me up. I get lots of rich global college students. There can even be people who have me write things for expert certifications, that’s a little rewarding. There was one essay that becomes for a protection direction for a nurse, and that person must probably have been doing that themselves. But it is not my subject.
‘I even have even taken entire lessons for people.’
I’ve been doing that for 6 months now and making sufficient money to do it full-time. A couple of months ago I got into a snowboarding accident and couldn’t paintings, but I became able to get anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per week doing this from home. I assume the maximum everybody I realize has made in a two-week pay duration is around $4,000. There’s usually room to do greater—I probably only work 20 or 25 hours a week, and I still make enough to pay hire and pay for groceries and everything like that.
About ninety-five percent of the time, I give the students their papers and I do not listen returned, however, I’ve had initiatives that I’ve turned in earlier than, and the teacher’s reputedly stated to the pupil, “I recognize you didn’t write this.” I additionally have repeat clients who’re glad, and I even have even taken whole training for human beings—we work out the price for the semester ahead. It likely starts offevolved at around $500.
I might by no means in 1,000,000 years pay the charges that human beings pay me. I common someplace around $25 a web page, and I might not cross lots lower than that now that it is finals time. The administrator of the site tells us now not to head decrease than about ten cents a phrase, however, it looks as if there are more initiatives than there are writers to head round, so I get more than that anyway.
The biggest takeaway I’ve gleaned from that is that you get out of university what you positioned into it. There are individuals who just move there and pay $20,000 a year and don’t go away with anything resembling schooling. I come from a pleasant sufficient suburb in which I’ve seen human beings get into Cornell or different Ivy League colleges that had no business being there first of all. Meanwhile, there are literally hundreds of tasks on the web page I paintings for at any given time—there may be usually paintings to be finished.
People have just disconnected studying from the revel in of going to college in general. Working in this enterprise has opened my eyes even greater to the fact that people don’t provide a shit about their coursework.

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