What do you observed when you hear those words? Are you packed with exhilaration or dread? Do you get heat, fuzzy feelings as you conjure all of the brilliant school pics that had been proudly exhibited in your fridge door? Or do you blush as you consider the awkward and embarrassing outfits you once wore or that smile you tried to maintain for too lengthy?
Do ever wonder why schools visit the problem of getting elegance photo day? Is it really worth the strain — for you, the college and the photographers?

1. Chris Wunder has visible all of it in his 4 a long time photographing college youngsters or managing folks that do. Give 3 examples of peculiar, irritating or maybe funny experiences for the duration of his profession.
2. What percent of the school photograph enterprise does Lifetouch photo business enterprise manage? What aggressive hazards does Mr. Wunder’s corporation, PortraitEFX, have in comparison with Lifetouch?
3. How does Mr. Wunder train photographers in his franchise? Which of the suggestions and advice — from dealing with lice to getting the proper head tilt — do you suspect is most charming, innovative or powerful?
Four. What does the writer mean when he writes that Mr. Wunder is a “salesman first, and a photographer 2d?” What are the possibilities and demanding situations for the photographer in the $1.6 billion faculty picture industry? Include three examples of market forces noted inside the article.

Five. How do image companies like Stomping Ground Photo provide a brand new approach to high school snapshots? How are they distancing themselves from Mr. Wunder’s approach?
6. The article concludes:
“The actual reward comes while to procure up on that real crisp autumn morning, and you drove throughout the town, and also you set up the device and also you get greeted by using the lunch girls and sometimes they carry you a biscuit out of the oven,” Mr. Wunder stated. “And then you definitely see this entourage of little our bodies with huge smiles and little bow ties and they’re looking as much as you like, ‘The image guy is right here.’”
He turned into still in a reflective mood a couple of minutes later on the hotel bar, whiskey in hand. When floods and fires strike family houses, his pix are the treasures first lively out, he stated. And then, as a minimum once a year, a vehicle crash approach the portrait he took of a schoolchild is her ultimate. Mr. Wunder constantly rush-orders and frames a 16-through-20-inch photograph for the funeral.
The fiercely competitive masks had slipped. Mr. Wunder sat up straighter and took a sip of his drink.
What are the emotional rewards for Mr. Wunder? Why do you think he has persevered within the faculty photo enterprise regardless of the demanding situations and hardships of 4 a long time of labor?

Finally, inform us greater approximately what you watched:
— What is most thrilling, unexpected or eye-commencing on this “in the back of-the-scenes” examine the faculty image industry? Had you ever thought an awful lot about the guys, ladies, and corporations behind your annual college images? How does this alteration your view of photo day?
— Mr. Wunder likens Lifetouch to the “dark facet,” and the author of the item calls him a pacesetter of the “resistance.” Do you suspect he’s going to reach his warfare towards Lifetouch? Would you ever need to be a faculty portrait photographer? Would you want to be part of Mr. Wunder’s resistance?
— The article illustrates many of the demanding situations small groups face in competing with massive corporations and businesses. What existence instructions for strolling your very own small enterprise are you able to draw from the thing? Do you watch Mr. Wunder’s tale is an inspiring or a cautionary tale? Use at least 3 examples from the item as proof to aid your view.
— What are your reports of photo day? Do you and your friends look ahead to elegance photograph day? Do you and your own family generally purchase copies of the images? Do you’ve got a fave or maximum embarrassing school picture?
— To get a topic’s Mona Lisa to look, Mr. Wunder recommends announcing “cheeseburger” for younger youngsters, “money” for teenagers and “weekend” for adults. What phrase do you suspect works pleasant, based totally on your very own revel in?
— Are class pix even wished inside the age of selfies? Make a case for why colleges ought to maintain or get rid of image day. Include at the least one recommendation for how your faculty can enhance the magnificence photos for you and your peers.


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