While there are numerous fortunate ones who have been capable of locating jobs within the rival airways put up the Jet Airways fiasco, there are nevertheless plenty many that are suffering to get a job. The market undoubtedly can’t take in the massive 22,000 personnel from Jet Airways.
However, the competing airlines are exploiting the opportunity via hiring cheap labor.
“I actually have given up all of the hope. I get all varieties of mind in my thoughts. I am no longer getting an activity even after having 19 years of experience with Jet Airways. They [other airlines] tell me that it’ll take more time and I need to attend but I am no longer able to meet my finances now. Friends and relatives are giving me money in desirable faith however for the way lengthy?” a 44-12 months-antique engineer hired with Jet Airways said.
This forty four-12 months-vintage engineer who did now not want to be named became almost drawn to tears as he narrated his ordeal over the smartphone. He additionally requested if it became “so tough for the government to say a few words” for the Jet Airways employees.
When India Today TV informed him that the banks are looking for potential buyers and that the Etihad Airways became still around, he stated, “SBI caps are not letting all of us in. Do you notice any transparency of their operating? There isn’t any direct effort from the banks to restore the Jet Airways. Everyone desires to take hold of something is left of the airline. For a trifling 1,500 crores, 22,000 personnel have been rendered jobless.”
There are many like him going through the identical set of damaging situations. With the businesses focusing on hiring the kids, the skilled ones are dealing with a tough time.
Another Jet Airways employee, on the condition of anonymity, said, “I am 46 now. In phrases of revel in, I can compete with a 25-12 months-antique however now not in phrases of electricity. The philosophy of the airways in recent times is to hire humans with extra strength and at a less pay package. How do I manipulate my own family? My savings have nearly dried up and there aren’t any jobs in the marketplace. ”
Another worker stated that when the resignation of CEO, CFO, and CPO, he and his colleagues were given “so frustrated” that they went to fulfill the SBI officials in Mumbai and had a massive showdown.
“With the resignations of top officials, we had been like a headless organization. I instructed them that the banks are chargeable for the present state and that they, in flip, informed me that there have been technical problems that had brought on the roadblocks. I informed them that it’s miles because of their inefficiency that they didn’t get better both the cash and the airline. SBI isn’t a small firm. Didn’t it have ready officials to audit the company and get specialists to propose them earlier? Now how will we continue to exist? Where are the roles?” he asks.
The Jet Airways employees have now determined to degree a protest in New Delhi outdoor the Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan on May 21.
Another Delhi-based employee said that he has already defaulted on the EMI for he hasn’t received his revenue for the remaining 5 months.
“In August last 12 months, we were instructed that there could be a cut of 25-50 percent in our salaries but it would be reimbursed by way of December 31, 2018. Then, our Chairman Naresh Goyal confident us that our salaries might be cleared via March 31. Of course, none of it ever took place. Now, I am now not able to pay the school prices of my youngster,” he stated.
When India Today TV asked him if he has tried at different airlines, he said, “You inform me what I need to do. I am getting an immediately 50 in keeping with cent pay reduce. Plus, my base goes to trade or even after having years of revel in, I lose all my seniority.”
“Where do I get the money from to relocate? From Delhi, my base will exchange to Pune. My vintage mother and father are bed-ridden and they may be in Delhi. My child is reading in Delhi. If I am given a suggestion from Pune, I will pay hire at two places. I am harassed and scared now for I am the simplest incomes member within the family.”
It’s now not simply the pilots and engineers at the senior degree who are encountering economic storms, team contributors, technicians and ground workforce on the mid-level, too, are facing a difficult time exploring activity opportunities.


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