Who decided to comply with the acute strain of the Leaving Cert with some weeks to finalize your university application? The timing, frankly, sucks. But students are caught with it – so how can they make the satisfactory selection?
We turned to two career guidance counselors for his or her pinnacle guidelines. Róisín O’Donohoe is a guidance counselor at Belvedere College in Dublin, whilst Mary Hosty is a career guidance practitioner with extra than twenty years revel in and is the founder of SouthDublinCareers.Ie, an unbiased careers consultancy.
1. Know the closing dates
“Perhaps most vital at this level is to take cautious notice of the closing dates,” says O’Donohue. “Change of mind opened on May sixth and it’s going to continue to be open till July 1st at five.15pm.”
If you publish a change of thoughts (for both your degree six/seven or stage 8 publications), it cancels and supersedes all of the previous route alternatives in that class. You cannot generally input a change of thoughts on any restricted-entry courses.
The CAO website, car.Ie provides a greater specified, step-by way of-step guide to the technique.
2. Fine-song
“It makes a variety of experience for students to make their decision in the direction of the time, despite the fact that a few limited-entry guides together with art, architecture, tune, and medicine require an earlier choice,” says Hosty. “Some students will place down a comic strip of wherein they want to move after which, based totally on the mocks, trainer remarks, and their personal situations and interests, fine-music their alternatives so that, with the aid of July 1st, their selections are a far greater accurate image of what pursuits them. They will have been operating with their steerage counselor from transition 12 months, so ought to have a maximum of the research done by way of the mocks. Now it is approximately reviewing your picks.”
3. Out of the sport
Students who needed to pass the greater mile with a portfolio for artwork university, an audition for a tune college or an HPat to get into remedy, can be mainly disillusioned to miss out. “They could have heard lower back from most of the guides by means of now, whilst the results of the drug come in June,” says Hosty. “If they haven’t been a hit, they ought to overview their choices and consist of new guides on the trade-of-mind form. If they haven’t done a robust enough rating on the HPat, for instance, they could take into account a direction that would deliver them right into a graduate medicine program, such as not unusual-access technological know-how or biomedical science.”
four. Pros and cons listing
“If, at this stage, students have done all of the background guidance and research and are nevertheless undecided approximately which guides and in what order, I endorse them to go old-faculty and do a professionals and cons list,” says O’Donohue. “Perhaps you’ve got guides which you’re seeking to decide between. Consider all of the different factors to your decision, and deliver every one of these elements a value based from one to five, with one being the least crucial and 5 being the most crucial. These ratings will vary from one scholar to every other, but five might visit course content, as an example, at the same time as extracurricular sports would possibly get a three, how easy it’s miles on the way to get there might get a two, campus catering may get a one, and so forth. Do also do not forget whether the course offers work placements or a year overseas alternative and whether the dimensions of the campus is the right in shape for you. The act of penning this down takes it out of the pupil’s head; getting it on paper enables organize their mind.”
O’Donohue says that this may be completed with a figure or other grownup and that even the act of actually speaking it via can help clarify the selection.


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