A guy who worked as a guitar teacher has been detained for allegedly blackmailing his scholar’s circle of relatives, Shanghai police said on Monday.
Ling, who lives in Huangpu District, had employed Zheng, who worked at a tune faculty on Huaihai Road M., to train his 8-yr-old son guitar on the quiet of the remaining year.
Zheng, who got here to Ling’s home to educate, charged three hundred yuan (US$ forty-three) consistent with magnificence.
On April 4, Zheng, whilst having dinner at Ling’s domestic, said he owed 2 million yuan to mortgage sharks in his place of birth. Ling fired him out of the situation for the coach’s background.
Later that month, Zheng met Ling at his residential complicated and threatened him, announcing if Ling didn’t pay him 5.04 million yuan, he might hurt him and his family because he knew where they went each day, police stated.
Ling stated the case to the district police, and Zheng changed into soon apprehended.
Zheng is stated to have confessed and said he had blackmailed Ling out of desperation over his debt and after considering the fact that Ling’s domestic turned into costly.

As a foreigner living in Shanghai, I’ll be the primary to admit that my understanding of this town’s records is missing, to position it lightly.
With the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Shanghai speedy drawing near, I thought it become high time to check out some of the struggles my new domestic went thru not even a century in the past.
I headed to Baoshan District, in which the first shots rang out that launched the 16-day Battle of Shanghai which might quit, in the long run, in the People’s Liberation Army taking over the metropolis.
It all started at Baoshan’s Yuepu Park which, these days, is as lovely and quiet as any park. But on the evening of May 12, 1949, it turned into a distinctive story.

An exhibition of shipping from historic times to the present has raised its curtain at the Shanghai Auto Museum in Anting Town in Jiading District.
Two highlight reveals of the show are a restored Chinese chariot of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) and an antique automobile synthetic in 1902.
The chariot unearthed at the Majiayuan Cemetery in Zhangjiachuan County, Gansu Province, is known as the maximum steeply-priced shipping in historic instances.
The Gansu Province Research Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology spent more than 2 million yuan (US$290,000) restoring it, based totally on its original substances and techniques.
The chariot ornaments and belt plaques feature the elements absorbed from the bronze-age cultures inside the Eurasian steppe location. Leather cushions and wonderful steel sculptures are discovered in the chariot, which became not often visible in ancient instances.

Another treasure of the exhibition, a Panhard & Levassor automobile, become selected from the collection of the museum. The vintage vehicle produced in 1902 become most of the first motors with a steering wheel. It has participated in several antique automobile rallies.
The well-known shows have been the maximum different transportation cars of their instances, stated the museum curator.
A rich variety of assisting famous including ancient harnesses, equestrian relics, gadgets associated with equestrian sports activities, vintage car trademarks, new-strength cars, and cutting-edge art automobiles are also on show.
Among them, a carved brick of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), which shows a lady playing polo, and a mural brick painting, showing a warrior on a galloping horse holding a bow and arrow, are the maximum precious.
Seminars, cultural lectures, performances, and themed excursions could be prepared during the time of the exhibition.
Vintage vehicle parades could be held on the Shanghai Auto Expo Park in Jiading as a part of the occasion, plus trial runs of new energy motors and chances to a driverless travel ride at E-zone in the Anting Shanghai International Automobile City.
The Shanghai Auto Museum opened to the public in 2017. It boasts a collection of extra than 100 automobiles, representing over 20 brands from China and overseas spanning 100 years of the auto records.


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